General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

Privacy Statement about personal information kept, collected, stored, and processed.

ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) Registration Reference Number: ZA352412

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is concerned with the personal information about you that I collect, store, and share. This statement details my GDPR policy.

Personal information I collect

I collect the following information in order to help me provide psychological therapy to you, receive clinical supervision and consultation, and to maintain my accounts for billing and invoicing.

Personal details: name, gender, date of birth, relationships; parents, siblings, children, occupation, address, telephone numbers, email address, counselling /therapy history, medical conditions, prescribed medication, emotional & psychological issues, employment, education, and social life details.

Sensitive information: physical and mental health details, sexual life, racial or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs, offences and alleged offences.

How I may Process/Share your personal information

I have regular supervision/consultation with other therapists, (psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists) for my own professional development and the wellbeing of clients. I will discuss personal issues and processes in these consultations. They are also bound by the same rules of confidentiality, code of ethics, and rules of GDPR.

Therapeutic Will: In the case of my death, your name and contact details will be shared with my Therapeutic Executor. This is so you can be contacted if you are still in therapy with me.


If I have reason to believe that you intend to harm another person/organisation (eg. terrorism), or yourself, the law may require that I inform an authority without seeking your permission. In such a situation, the law may require that I share your personal information without your knowledge. I would always endeavour to discuss this with you in advance if possible or appropriate. It is also the law that a judge can require the release of clinical notes without your permission, and I would be bound by law to release them. Again I would discuss this with you beforehand should this occur.

Storage of Information

Paper: written notes, contact details, personal information, psychometric tests when completed, assessment/history taking notes, occasional email correspondence, and brief therapy process notes. All paper files/notes are stored in a locked filing cabinet in my locked office.

Smartphone: I do not keep any notes or personal details in my phone. I access my email account through my computer, smart phone and Ipad, and all these devices are password protected.

Website: None of your personal information is stored on my website.

Erasing your Information

I keep electronic emails for up to a year, after which time I erase/delete them from my email account. I delete/erase all SMS/text messages each week. When. I am required by law to keep your written notes for up to 7 years after we have completed our work together. After this time has passed, I will shred the written information. I may keep them longer in case you return to therapy in the future so that I have a reference for our work together.

You Have the Following Rights:

To be informed of what information I hold (this document).

To see the information that I hold about you (free of charge for the initial request).

To rectify/correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal information.

To withdraw consent to me using your personal information.

To request your personal information be erased/deleted/shredded. I can decline if the information is needed for me to practice lawfully & competently, or if there is an adverse reason (such as a complaint or legal reason).

A printed copy of this statement will be given to you. We will both sign the printed copy of this statement to indicate our agreement. Continuation of therapy or supervision with me will be understood as acceptance of these terms


Client statement information

Therapy is an investment in yourself. For it to be most effective it requires a 100% commitment, personal integrity and responsibility.

The following information outlines important agreements regarding entering into therapy.


All information is held strictly confidential unless prior written approval is obtained. The only exceptions to this are circumstances where I believe that you might harm yourself, or where actual harm could come to a person or place, or where child, spousal, or elder abuse is involved. In these cases, I have an ethical and legal obligation to report relevant information to the appropriate authorities.

Payment Policy

You are responsible for payment at the time of each session unless prior arrangements are made. Payment can be made by bank transfer, check or cash. I will provide you with monthly receipts, and fill out appropriate sections of private insurance forms. Fees are usually increased every 12-18 months, and you will be given 6-8 weeks of prior notice.

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

Following our initial assessment consultation we can discuss together whether you wish short or longer term more depth oriented therapy.

You can end your therapy at any time, allowing a minimum of 2-3 sessions for closure.
A minimum of 2 week notice is required for pre-arranged leave or cancelled sessions. A full fee will be charged for any missed or cancelled sessions with less than 2 weeks prior notice.

I take between 6-8 weeks of annual leave and will give you a minimum of 3 weeks advance notification.

You have every reason to receive and expect that I will conduct myself professionally, responsibly and according to the ethical laws, regulations, and code of conduct of the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British Psychological Society (BPS), the UK Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP), EMDR UK & Ireland Association, and European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA), all of which I am a full professional member.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these statements, I will be glad to discuss them in person, or contact me via this website.